Ancient Roses (a drabble by JA Sterling)

Ancient Roses (a drabble by JA Sterling)

She followed the worn flagstone path, that lead deep into the ancient gardens, misshapen from lack of a sharp shear, tangled briers waiting to catch your legs, hold you tight forever in its grasp. She had come here before knowing he would be here, his place of solitude. There, next to the gnarled tree of wisdom he stood looking out to the world, yet to nowhere. She did not know what to do, how to approach him. He was lost there, amidst the roses, night flowers of youth, a warrior of great promise and a man troubled in his soul.


Pink rose

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Why name your sword?

Or in the broader sense why name your weapon? It is a common occurrence, from “Excalibur” to Crockett’s “Old Betsy”. But why? What is the purpose?

I feel that when an item is given a name, we empower that item with all the qualities the name stands for. The item ceases to be just a sword and is now the voice of the movement or cause for which it was created.

The more massive the weapon, sometimes a cuter name takes on a sinister twist. Think back on Fat Boy and Little Boy, they were weapons of horror yet named possibly in jest. Contradiction in terms, and also a contradiction in the idea that to end a war we must kill.

So whatever is the purpose you may have to name, or not to name if you so wish, just make sure the name fits the power you are imbuing it with. Give a reason why the weapon has that name, not just a “sounded good” rationalization. What would the sword be without the name? Does the name gave the weapon a “power” or cause the people to envision a superior weapon? Is Excalibur still a great sword if never had the name, or does the name denote its reverence?

Fun ideas to play with. For me, I name my swords in the book, they have a meaning and purpose. One of the swords is named the “Sword of Retribution.”



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Free course in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology

Learn the science behind the exhumation and identification of skeletal remains…. especially good for writers of crime drama


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International Women’s Day





Some links to enjoy today

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By Kelly Richman-Abdou



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