Map Making: Attempt 1

My attempt to make a map. This is Monarch Island and surrounding zone on RandAnar, the only area still inhabitable.



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Arches, Gates, and Doors: Symbolism in your story


Beyond architectural aspect; the pure symbolism. Door, gates, arches all represent transitioning from one place to another. Either another room, from outside to inside, or it can be from the everyday drab world into a magical existence. So many options and ideas to play with in this subject. Even I have a Pinterest page that contains doors to inspire ideas for writers, check it out when you have the time. I add periodically as I find interesting “doors” .

In my first book, Prophecy of the Ancients, I have a place where the characters pass through an arch before going on to open a door to a chapel. It was suggested to me to make the chapter shorter, just eliminate the arch and have the characters go straight to the door. While yes eliminating the arch and scene surrounding that arch would indeed make the chapter shorter, it would also remove part of the symbolism I was injecting into the scene. In essence I would be taking away what is in the principle of the place; the symbolism. In this case the arch is the division between the secular world of man and the sacred world of the Ancients. Thus the arch allows those who can read the ancient script, those have earned the right to proceed to the chapel and into the presence of the sublime, the spiritual.

I use door and entrance ways several time in my book series representing the mundane to the spiritual aspects of a pass-through device. One example of the mystical is in The Veil used in book one. The Veil separates humanoids from the coldness of an alien world and the realm of myths or legends. Once you physically pass through the Veil you are on the path of uncertainly, leaving the safety of reality behind. The Veil can repeal those who seek hate, yet will allow some to pass if they dare. The humanoid must heed the call and challenge of the Veil.

Look at the world around you, when you pass through the threshold into your home, you feel safe and secure from the outside world. This space has for the person become sacred. Look at gardens with flowering vines cascading over arches that one passes through, the feeling of entering a new area of a garden or just a respite of flowers that you can admire all around you.

There are natural pass-through formations. For example the spectacular color arch formation such a Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah or even the narrow passage to Petra that opens into a view of the massive carved facade of Al-Khazneh, the Treasury. Both have that “ooo” moment that can take one’s breath away.

Man-made door and entrances can create that same “ooo” moment. When one walks into the cathedrals of Europe, you are leaving the mundane world of man and entering space occupied by God. The great expanse inside, the high ceilings, and stain glass gives one of sense they have entered another realm, in which the Almighty reigns. And that was the purpose.

Another example of the power of an arch by evading the arch itself. In 1905 a single student at the University of Georgia Arch made a decision not to walk under the black arch until he graduated with a diploma in hand. Despite having to go around the arch by jumping a low fence he maintained that vow that was then followed upon by others to this day.

Consider how the Arc de Triomphe in Paris saw the Germans under Hitler march through in 1940 to conquered Paris followed in 1945 when the French and Allies march through victorious. What is interesting to note is both sides, Axis and Allies (1940 and 1944/45), did not walk under the arch out of respect for the tomb for the Unknown solider located there within and thus the symbolism that stands for. That is a powerful clue to the nature of those passing through, their leaders, or the culture itself.

Give some thought to the “Plain Jane” door or arches, why do you have them. Think about building layer into your story that would either be shoved into the readers face or secretly work on a subconscious level?

Dream interpretation of doors, tarot readings with arches, or even symbolic nature of gates… so many many many areas one can research to get ideas on how a simple idea of a door, gate, and arch can be expanded upon. Here are some information I came upon while researching the net for this little blog piece. Use or not as you see fit and write your own version of how a gate, door, or arch impacts symbolism for your story.

Some random sites that one may find interesting…..




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Playing with Nebulae

From Scroll One: Prophecy of the Ancients scheduled for release this summer (2019) hopefully, maybe, we shall see


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Ancient one ….

Who are the Ancients? Who was murdered? The answer this summer 2019 with The Quest for Light Series scheduled to be released.

killing an ancient one gold

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World-building: Food

Anyone  into world-building here are some ideas/thoughts/questions on food and culture that may help in your story … please enjoy


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Poster for Book 1

Poster for Scroll One: Prophecy of the Ancients June 2019. Start your summer with adventure, deceit, and hope.


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My Social Media Links

If you are wondering where I am with the book being promoted etc.. here is a list so far of what I have done and where

Scroll of the Ancients








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