Books, Books, Books

I love books and when the local Barnes and Noble has their clearance sale I stock on up on the oddest stuff.  Last week was great. I hauled home three big bags: I got 300 dollars’ worth of books for less than 40.  I do so love a bargain

Some book that I have acquired in the past at these huge sales were: art books, space, nature, architecture, history, all wonderful sources of references when writing.

Open a book on art. There figures glance across the page and the words fill the mind with opulence, colors, feelings, the richness or creativity of an artist eyes are then painted in stokes of the keyboard.

Crack open a book on nature to see the pelt of the wolf up close, the fierceness in the eyes of a panther, the tongue of an elephant, the structure of the feathers of a macaw, the powerful talons of an eagle. Your story, poem becomes vivid when the reader can read what you see.

Go into space where one can envision the vacuum the loneliness of absolute silence, the pressure of solitude, the demand for discovery, the requirement of human love, the face to face exposure to our beginnings of existence. Look to the galaxy, the Hubble has opened up the universe to us, to revel in its mysteries, to enjoy the knowledge.

So go find a book that sparks your creativity and for the sake of the words, read, write experience….


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Diver by Sophie Dickens



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Fictional Anthropology

Thinking restarting a project I use to do:  “Fictional Anthropology: A Guide to Worldbuilding”. The site would have not only links but loads of ideas that people could use. I may compress some into a workbook idea that one could fill out as they go along creating their story. Basically a culmination of what I learned in anthropology courses and loads of common sense.

Worldbuilding is the art of creating a universe for your story. Many when they hear the word “worldbuilding” they think scifi or fantasy. But that is limiting… for all writers are “world-building” to some degree. The writer creates the environment for the story. That can be as simple as one room or as complex as a whole planetary system.

You are “worldbuilding” when you create a house and floor plan or a town with streets. You are “world building” when you create restaurants, farms, mills, schools, stores on Main street.

In other words you are creating the boundaries and guidelines for the characters of your story to exist in. Thus world building is essential to any and all who write.

So take advantage of this medium. Sculpt, mold, and grow flesh on the bones of your story. Forge a universe. Craft a realm. Build a world.

One more iron in the fire…..

fictional anthro

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Fenn Treasure

If you like solving the possible unsolvable or get a feeling of how pseudo connects dots to draw up the predetermine conclusion, then you will enjoy looking for a treasure.

Using the solution, there is chest with gold and a list of clues that are vague enough to be molded into any location with the right “cherry picking”… and volià you are off and running.

Now while this is a fun to do and really harms no one except for the sore muscles and disappointed let down feeling at the end when you cannot find the box, when this form of pseudo thinking is applied to science as real and concrete then yes harm can occur.

So go for a nice walk in the woods, try to figure out a mystery, but keep it in reality. Fiction is one thing, a mystery is another, and facts are totally different


Fenn treasure

The Thrill Resource Page

Thrill of the Chase

Seeking Adventure And Gold? Crack This Poem And Head Outdoors

Thrill of the Chase…

Where to Even Begin: Your Quest to Find Fenn’s Treasure Starts Here!

Follow these 9 clues to find Forrest Fenn’s treasure!

New Mexico police urge author who says he hid treasure to end hunt

If You’re Hunting for Forrest Fenn’s Buried Treasure, Start Here

On the Hunt, ‘Where Warm Waters Halt,’ for a $2 Million Treasure





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Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez

Hailing from Costa Rica, this artist has some compelling pieces… enjoy his work through the links included.


Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez

Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez. Artista plástico

edgar zuñiga jimenez’s reclaimed wood and metal columns

Sculpture Artist Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez





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Winter Revisits

a little poem I conjured up.. enjoy

pexels-photo-235621Once again winter returns to the land, revisiting old haunts, checking out corners
Memories of warm summer days is replaced instantly with bone chilling cold

Blue skies bow in submission, abundance of gray clouds appear from nowhere
Dropping crisp white snowflakes like mini daggers upon the landscape below

The land yields to the invasion, those unprepared face winters destructive force
Pipe explode spraying the house with icy water, cars sputter refusing to budge

Sidewalks are concealed yet tracks appear breaking though leaving codes
Roads become invisible blankets of white on top of ice testing the best drivers

Vegetation groans, their leaves freeze in place, only to thaw in the midday sun
Shocked into dying they turn brown, dropping bearing their naked branches

Winter revisits, come back to remind us of the death that one cannot flee from
Yet in the coldness eternal hope lives, the spring for rebirth that drives us forward

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Now that is the perfect word for many a day’s events ….. sigh

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