Kings and Reality

I created the monarchy of my two planets similiar to this however they have and wield the power, though the one King does maintain a council while both make sure the populace is happy

The Kings and royalty are pro-country first before personal, the throne is also where the allegiance is directed, not to a person but to the throne.

As for the religion, the Kings, one more along agnostic while the other King is devoted. there is a religious hierarchy that runs the religion and not the royalty.

However in the book, either King or royalty can be prosecuted and dealt with for committing murder, treason, or belonging to an forbidden brotherhood.


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wrap your brain around this

wrap your brain around this


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Book of the Dead of Ramose


Book of the Dead of Ramose… today there was a live showing of the book that will be on display for one day only… the 22nd at the Fitzwilliam Museum ….

“Dating from 1290 – 1275 BC, The Book of the Dead of Ramose is one of the finest examples of this type of funerary papyrus to have survived from ancient Egypt. It was discovered by Flinders Petrie in a tomb at a site called Sedment, south of Cairo, and brought to the Fitzwilliam Museum in 1922.

Since then it has had very little exposure to light and thus the vibrant colours of its illustrative vignettes are very well preserved. In 2007, after a period of conservation, it was displayed, in sections, in a short exhibition at the museum, and a small section was also included in last year’s Death on the Nile exhibition.”



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Book Promotion continues

here is how the first set of bookmarks and business cards turned out.. these are laminated with holographic backings… I added in a signature just because… thought it add to the over idea of a book promotion

Not the best photos used the phone, have to redo with the camera

now onto more of the metal bookmarks and eternal water projects .. shall show once I get them done

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Allegory of the Long Spoons

The Allegory of the Long Spoons is from an ancient source though the original inspiration and accounting is not known. However it appears this kind of story is common place, telling of how corporation and respect for people result in a healthy society.

The story is not exclusive Judeo-Christian as many may think,  but can be found in many of the world’s religion in one form or another. And is that not truly what the the base for all religions, to cooperate and make society pleasant for all, to care of the unfortunate that we may become one day.

I have seen in so many unkind comments, that in today’s world sadly it seems people prefer the version of hell than that of heaven.. to let their fellow man be denounced, mocked, injured, and let starve rather than to see beyond the veil of ignorance and hate

Some sources to read or watch:–tms–godsqudctngs-a20120823-20120823_1_remarkable-story-heaven-text



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Ancient Egypt and cigarettes…

Yes you read that right… came across this picture, never saw this ad before.  So of course I had to learn more.  What a promotion, using Egyptian gods to promote smoking.. oh dear


Cigarettes Advertising Themes: Egyptian Deities

Egyptian Deities Cigarettes

Egyptian cigarette industry           





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The National Park of American Samoa



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