Climate Change Deniers Debunked

best list of simple to the point facts to use when confronted with climate change deniers …

Debunking 25 arguments against climate change in 5 sentences or less (each)


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Red Lip Bat Fish


Time to find out all you ever wanted to know about the Red-Lipped Bat-Fish… yup you read that correctly. Ogcocepphalus darwini  is found aroudn the Galapagos Islands.  They are an angler fish, which means they use their heads as prey.  Also they tend to ‘walk’ more than swim.

Red-lipped batfish

The Red-lipped Batfish

Red-Lipped Batfish

Red-lipped Batfish

Red-lipped batfis h

Ogcocephalus darwini Hubbs, 1958 Galápagos batfish




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Understanding Anger

great lecture: I find these wonderful to watch when writing…. anger is the focus and how it is used in various literature forms… really a great series for anyone creating characters in a book

“This is the first of twelve monthly lectures and discussions in a new series, led by Dr. Gregory B. Sadler at the historic Kingston Public Library. Each of the lectures focuses on a set of perspectives on anger, coming from ancient or medieval texts in literature, philosophy, or religion.

The series begins with an examination of understanding of anger articulated in Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy — particularly in Homer’s Illiad, Euripides’ Medea, and Sophocles Ajax. We also discuss anger more broadly, both in our own culture and in that of the Ancient Greeks, and touch on several other epic or tragic works.”

The Wrath of Achilles and the Rage of Medea – Understanding Anger Lecture 1


Why is Your Face Fallen? Anger in Jewish Scriptures – Understanding Anger Lecture 2


“Don’t Get Mad Socrates”: Anger in Plato’s Dialogues – Understanding Anger Lecture 3

The First Scientific Examination: Aristotle on Anger – Understanding Anger Lecture 4


Emperors and Slaves Above the Passions: Stoic Philosophers on Anger – Understanding Anger Lecture 5

Empty Pleasures and Unnecessary Pains: Epicureans on Anger- Understanding Anger Lecture 6



Another Platonic View: Plutarch on Controlling Anger- Understanding Anger Lecture 7


Whoever Is Angry with His Brother: Early Christian Discussions- Understanding Anger Lecture 8


A Medieval Synthesis: Thomas Aquinas’ Analyses of Anger – Understanding Anger Lecture 9

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KV5… burial location of Rameses II sons

In 1995, as part of a project to map and photograph every tomb in an area known as the Theban Necropolis,  called the Theban Mapping Project, Kent Weeks made a discovery.

While excavating KV5, he discovered a labyrinth of hallways leading to more than 100 rooms.  The burial place of the sons of  Rameses II.

Theban Mapping Project

Theban Mapping Project



Kent Weeks at Pacific Science Center in Seattle on November 29, 2012.



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Silver Swan

Just incredible, look at how the swan moves. Note the glass rods moving making the “ripples” in the pond.

Simple facts: The Silver Swan is a life size automaton of a swan
Dated: 18th Century
Located: Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham, England.

This Robotic Silver Swan Has Fascinated Fans for Nearly 250 Years                                       By Erin Blakemore (Smithsonian)  (February 2017)

The Silver Swan

The Silver Swan





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Trust Science??? …. Yes TRUST

dragging out my steel soapbox.. dusting off mic

Hello hello anyone out there…tap tap tap loud obnoxious noise emits

Well this mini rant is brought to you courteous of the different between BP and BCE

So yesterday I had a guy in a group say he trusted a twitter from an anonymous source that was sharing a archaeological picture with the date in error, BP instead of BCE.. that is a 2000 year error….

even with the evidence form relaiable source, this person insisted I was wrong and that this anonymous source knew more than I..

Really.. I am wrong.. NEVER…. okay sometimes but not on this…

the person who made the meme to run about Twitter/pinterest /etc simply made a mistake and did not read Wiki closely where they lifted picture and info… “before present” does not mean “BCE”….

Bascially this discussion demostrated how peopel refuse to see the truth and hang onto a falsehood…

I want to say they are ignorant, but that is the wrong usage … so is under-educated… I think the word needs to reflect the stubborn attitude and need to believe falsehoods rather than be held on the line for being wrong…. no one wants to be wrong thus they rather believe in a lie…

Is that good??? heck we all make mistakes….

this need to follow falsehood or psuedo material is gettign rampant, the striking down of science as if it is useless is scary

We should be pushing science, striving for being the best, not relying on conspiracy whacks and “alternative” facts (which are lies just dressed in pretty bow but still falsehood)…

So the lecture for today is why to trust science and get rid of the baggage of lies tied to your ankles…

rant done, dragging steel soapbox away but leaving a bunch of sources you can read or not read as you wish


Why should we place our faith in science?
by Jonathan Keith (The Conversation) (September 2015)

Trusting the science (August 2012)
Trusting the science








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Aluminum and Mercury

totally cool.. I am so using this effect of the item “growing” upwards like a pedestal for my book..

think of this rising as a podium..of course more stable but keeping those threads….


maxresdefault (1)


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