The trend lately is to lump immigrants/refugees into this massive block of ignorant non-skilled bumpkins who cause trouble and need to be feed and housed. Not a good way to look at a diversified select of society. The concept is senseless and baseless.

We are backing into the idea that man being generally frightened of that which he does not know will strike out in illogical ways. But is it all illogical or is there a method to this madness that causes one to see another as inferior. And in that regard making a group of people inferior helps feed the falsehoods that they are inferior.

Here is an article about a guy, George Helou, born in Lebanon, who got his PHD from Cornell University and is working with NASA. Check out his title: Executive Director of the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), Deputy Director of the Spitzer Science Center and Director of the NASA Herschel Science Center…. very impressive.

Using Spitzer he helped to find the new system with a dwarf star and 6 or 7 planets at only 39.5 light years away. Now that is an achievement. The host star is referred to as TRAPPIST-1. (acronym of “TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope”)

In today’s toxic environment, many would see him as inferior because he is one of “those” i.e. not European descent. He has done nothing to indicate he is inferior, nor superior. Just got a good education and worked hard to achieve the results. So maybe we should not be looking at people based on their skin, birth place, religion, etc. and look at their actions….

So how does this fit into my book series, besides the ‘them vs us’ ideology that drives the ‘drama’ for reading, it is the science…. one cannot lose when dealing with science.

It is the distance and habitual values. Note that system, at 39.5 light years, could be the system for my home world, or maybe one of those in the Association of Planets that interconnect for economics and military reasons.

It simply lays a bit of credence to a fictional story, add that layer of depth I can gleam from to use. However the post also leads down the path to another fact, how people can be seen as inferior thus not good all based on their birth place.



Nearby Star Has 7 Earth-Sized Worlds


NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star just 40 light-years away

Three Potentially Habitable Worlds Found Around Nearby Ultracool Dwarf Star

Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf

“Astronomical Success: Caltech’s George Helou Honored by Home Country of Lebanon.” (Januaury 2012)

Meet the Lebanese Scientist Who Helped NASA Discover 7 Earth-Like Planets


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