The Master Mystery

Ever read something in the past that strikes a note with the present. Greed is always a good plus in the movies and drama… how will the hero survive this time drove those cliffhanging serials.

The idea of the cliffhanger in my humble opinion needs to be represented in some fashion for each chapter and especially for the end of a book if there is a sequel.  Wrapping everything up all nice and neat may be the fashion but what is the drive to read more, where is the incentive.

So yes I do have cliffhangers much to the chagrin I am sure of my editor and I may redo a few chapters to make the endings again cliffhangers.  I do not like nice clean endings, they are boring and who wants your book set down.

Now with that said overdoing the cliff hangers can also be detrimental.  Some chapters need a clean ending so the next time period can begin.  When you watch Houdini in this endless ways to get out of predicaments it does get a bit boring, “oh look he is tied up again”. There must be a method to the madness.  My method if I find myself going “not again,” well that is the method…..

So read up on this movie… with the first robot and enjoy…..

The Master Mystery (1919)

The Master Mystery (1919) silent film made in America and used the serial format for showing resulting in 15 installments.

The plot is quite intriguing: Quentin Locke, a government secret service agent, played by Houdini is sent to investigate an organization that is believe to be involved in an international conspiracy to suppress all scientific progress in order to corner the market on the inventions.

This evil organization uses ‘The Automaton’ named Q, for protection. The term robot was not used until a year later (1920) when it was created by Josef Čapek, whose brother Karel first used it for the title of his play R.U.R. The word however is noit new. The root robota comes from the Slavic language meaning basically forced laborer. There is also a biological gas weapon known as ‘The Madagascar Madness’ that is used for protection of this organization.

Houdini in many of the episodes is of course overpowered and left in a variety of impossible predicates to escape from, which of course he does escape.

The book “The Master Mystery” written by Arthur B. Reeve and John W. Grey after the scenario created by Arthur B. Reeve and Chas. A. Logue.

Apparently portions of the film has been lost.. the original episodes were as follows:

Living Death
The Iron Terror
The Water Peril
The Test
The Chemist’s Shop
The Mad Genius
Barbed Wire
The Challenge
The Madagascan Madness
The Binding Ring
The Net
The Death Noose
The Flash of Death
The Tangled Web
Bound at Last; or, Unmasking of the Automaton
There are parts of the movie on line I will list them here

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 1 of 20) (8:23)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 2 of 20) (8:41)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 3 of 20) (8:33)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 4 of 20) (6:20)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 5 of 20) (8:39)

At the 53 second count that ends the 1st episode ….. Episode 2 immediately begins
Houdini end up in a strait jacket

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 6 of 20) (8:41)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 7 of 20) (8:35)

At the 5:34 count that ends the 2nd episode ….. Episode 3 immediately begins
Houdini end up tied to a wall

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 8 of 20) (8:35)

At the 1:01 count onwards the rest of episode 3 is in fragments….. Houdini ends up in fire and water
Episode 4 begins at 3:24 no film
Episode 5 begins at 3:37 is a fragment to 6”06 when it ends
Episode 6 begins at 6:07 and ends at 6:47 scene with Houdini in the Chair of Death
Episode 7 begins at 6:53

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 9 of 20) (8:34)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 10 of 20) (8:35)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 11 of 20) (8:35)

At the 2:54 count that ends the 7th episode ….. Episode 8 immediately begins
Houdini ends up wrapped in barbed wire

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 12 of 20) (8:38)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 13 of 20) (8:38)

At the 7:23 count that ends the 8th episode ….. Episode 9 immediately begins
Houdini ends tied up to be crushed

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 14 of 20) (8:36)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 15 of 20) (8:35)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 16 of 20) (8:34)

At the 24 second count that ends the 9th episode ….. Episode 10 immediately begins
Houdini ends tied up to a post

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 17 of 20) (8:39)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 18 of 20) (8:39)

At the 2:42 episode 10 ends fragmented
Houdini ends up on a sofa supposedly stabbed
Episode 11 immediately begins with a short fragment to 3:07
Houdini is tied up in a net
At 3:08 Episode 12 begins

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 19 of 20) (8:42)

The Master Mystery (1919) (Part 20 of 20) (8:38)

Episode ends at 8:38

The Master Mystery

The Master Mystery

The Master Mystery

A book created after the serial

Houdini Was Also a Movie Star!

The Master Mystery

The First Robot in Cinema

The Master Mystery Book Display Aids Serial Exploitation

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