Listening to Music Part 1

Great intro to basic genres of music, some terms, and musical instruments…

As with all lectures you should examine material outside of what is learned in the classroom.  And that is what I want to include in here along with the Lecture…

The first piece mentioned is  Beethoven’s 5th:

For your basic what it  info:

The first three parts are mentioned in the video. however there is a fourth part I will also post here:

The next one that is mentioned is: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1

Again some basic information:

The third selection is: Oxcart by Mussorgsky from Pictures at an Exhibition

What is happening here is an musical interpretation of a painting by Hartmann of an ox-cart.  Unfortunately the painting no longer exists to see the inspiration.  Again some basic information:


The fourth selection mentioned is: Richard Strauss Death and Transfiguration (Tod und Verklärung).

Again some basic information on the piece.  Also note where as Mussorgsky used a painting as inspiration, in this case the reverse is done . Alexander Ritter composed a short explanatory poem utilizing the idea that Strauss had sketched out about the piece.

The poem by Ritter:


and last but not least the professor refer to an episode of America’s got talent with the performance by ‘Nuttin but Stringz’ as an example of how classical can be mixed with very modern.


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