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Uncle John Scruggs

Never heard of this gentleman until today so sharing what I learned…. He was born in 1855 to Henry and Betsey Scruggs, both a parents and child were slaves in Buckingham County, Virginia. He became well-known in the 1920’s and … Continue reading

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Cats in Ancient Egypt

Some great soruces for studying cats in Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptians may have given cats the personality to conquer the world By David Grimm (Science Mag) (Jun. 19, 2017) Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows by Casey Smith (National … Continue reading

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The Gungywamp 

The Gungywamp or in other words “When a Sheep Farm Becomes a Gate to Another Reality BS” Reminder: The purpose of this thread is to take a current or recycled pseudo based ideologies and give the real facts on that pseudo … Continue reading

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Debunking Irish Slaves Mythos

  In 200 an article was hared on the internet that touted the idea that Irish people were slaves in America, and this was common and widely held knowledge.  This article was quickly latched onto by a variety of white … Continue reading

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So you are writing a story, add some mushroom, no not for any mood altering ability but becasue mushrooms are an interesting element to a forest or fantasy location. The smell, texture, and sight help to anchor your fictional world … Continue reading

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The Odyssey

    Odyssey  translated by Fagles read by Ian McKellan… 24 parts one after the other A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201   Everything you need to know to read Homer’s “Odyssey” – Jill … Continue reading

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Crash Course Mythology 12-16

Theories of Myth: Crash Course Mythology #12 Great Goddesses: Crash Course Mythology #13 Fire and Buffalo Goddesses: Crash Course Mythology #14 Archetypes and Male Divinities: Crash Course Mythology #15 Floods in the Ancient Near East: Crash Course Mythology #16

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