Debunking Irish Slaves Mythos


In 200 an article was hared on the internet that touted the idea that Irish people were slaves in America, and this was common and widely held knowledge.  This article was quickly latched onto by a variety of white dominated sites and a stream of memes were produced to shore up the idea of the Irish slaves…  This has of course been debunked

For the countless  number who passed analog this crapology, it is a reminder to check those sources and not spread incorrect information


For those who wish to know here is a big list of soruces


Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme (1/6)  (by Liam Hogan) (September 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

How the African victims of the Zong Massacre were replaced with “Irish slaves” (2/6) (by Liam Hogan) (October 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

The “Forced breeding” myth in the “Irish slaves” meme (3/6)  (by Liam Hogan) (October 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

A review of the numbers in the “Irish slaves” meme (4/6)   (by Liam Hogan) (November 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

Exaggeration and the appropriation of the torture of enslaved Africans in the “Irish slaves” meme (5/6) (by Liam Hogan) (November 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

The myth of Colonel William Brayne and the “Irish slaves” (6/6)  (by Liam Hogan) (March 2016) (accessed 6/21/2017)

Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too by Lian Tack (New York Times) (March 2017) (accessed 6/21/2017)

Open letter to Irish Central, Irish Examiner and Scientific American about their “Irish slaves” disinformation (by Liam Hogan) (March 2016) 6/21/2017)

A primer on the ongoing proliferation of ahistorical “Irish slaves” articles and memes (by Liam Hogan) (2016) 6/21/2017)

Two years of the ‘Irish slaves’ myth: racism, reductionism and the tradition of diminishing the transatlantic slave trade by Liam Hogan (Open Democracy)  (November 2016) (accessed 6/21/2017)

‘Irish slaves’: the convenient myth by Liam Hogan (Open Democracy)  (January 2015)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

Director’s Cut: Critique of Sean O’Callaghan’s ‘To Hell or Barbados’ (accessed 6/21/2017)

The Irish in the Anglo-Caribbean: servants or slaves? by Liam Hogan, Matt Reilly,  and Laura McAtackney (History Ireland) magazine)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

The Prevalence of the “Irish Slaves” Mythology (Twitter archive)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

When History Goes Bad by Liam Hogan (Rabble magazine, No. 11)  (2016)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

“Slavery Myths Debunked”(by Jamelle Bouie and Rebecca Onion) (September 2015) (accessed 6/21/2017)

FactCheck: No, “Irish slaves” did NOT build the White House  (The Journal) (July 2016) (accessed 6/21/2017)

“Sinn Féin not allowing facts derail good ‘Irish slaves’ yarn” by Hugh Linehan (Irish Times article)  (May 2016)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

Encountering and refuting misrepresentations of the past online. An interview with Liam Hogan by Maurice Casey) ( History to the Public) (2015) 6/21/2017)

Were the Irish Slaves in America, Too? (Snopes)  (2016 updated 2017)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

How the Myth of the “Irish slaves” Became a Favorite Meme of Racists Online (SPLC) (April 2016)    (accessed 6/21/2017)

Let’s Squash the Myth That the Irish Were Ever American Slaves (by Madeleine Davies)
(Jezebel ) (March 2016)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

“Black Lives Matter and the ‘Irish slave’ myth” by Norma Costello (Al Jazeera)  (March 2016)  (accessed 6/21/2017)

Tumblr archive

Books used to support Irish “slaves”

“They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America.”  by Michael Hoffman  (Self-published by Wiswell Ruffin House) (1993)

“To Hell or Barbados”  by Sean O’Callaghan(Brandon Press) (2000)

“White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America”  Jordan, D. and Walsh, M. Random House (2011)


Irish slaves in the Caribbean by James F. Cavanaugh

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves The Slaves That Time Forgot
By John Martin (Global Research)  (March 17, 2015)

England’s Irish Slaves by Robert E. West (Global Research)  (2016)




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