Euphronios, Sarpedon Krater

with the recent events surrounding the buying of looted artifacts by Hobby Lobby, I have seen many say it is okay becasue they were saving them!!!!! what!!!
It is never okay to buy stolen merchandise..NEVER. When a musuem does knowingly that is even work in today’s society. Sure things like that happened years ago but we are smarter today, or should be. Hobby Lobby knowingly bought looted artifacts, falsified legal papers, and then lied they were aware.
What I want to address is how looting destroys the contextual material that archaeologists need to make determination about the artifact. Once it is ripped out of the ground, the artifact is basically useless…… any musuem knows this.. any legit musuem that is.
Here is an excellent example: Sarpedon Krater by Euphronios. This artifact was looted in the early 70’s and sold to the MET under dubious trail trail. This krater became very famous and important especially after it was found to be looted. Finally after some debate the MET released the vase back to Italy. Note the discussion about why looted items lose a part of history and the acquisition of looted items.
This piece that is so valuable to history lost a big piece of its history by being looted. So while we can appreciate its beauty, we cannot answer vital questions.
Following this video there is additional information on the krater importance and the looting aspects
Title: Euphronios, Sarpedon Krater
Date: c. 515 B.C.E., red-figure terracotta
Located:National Museum Cerite, Cerveteri, Italy
Speakers: Dr. Erin Thompson and Dr. Steven Zucker
Ancient Vase Comes Home to a Hero’s Welcome
By Elizabetta Povoledojan
New York Times
Euphronios (Sarpedon) Krater
by Neil Brodie
Trafficking Culture   Sep. 06, 2012
Euphronios and Memnon?Observations on a Red-figured Fragment
by Dietrich VonBothmer
Chairman, Department of Greek and Roman Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Journal 22/ 1987 pps 5-11

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