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Tardigrades in Space

I really dislike tardigrades.  It seemed  there for a while everywhere I went they followed….  tardigrades to my left…  tardigrades to my right.. in back … in front….. Now if they were furry and kitten-like, I could handle it.. but they are … Continue reading

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Today is Cat day  (Learn more at: One has to love cats… all cats.  My computer case is called “Smilodon” and this is what a real  “Smilodon”  looks like      

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Cats and Pumpkins


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fun word for the Halloween season … Fuliginous means 1.sooty; smoky 2.of the color of soot, as dark gray, dull brown, black, etc.  

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Halloween Music

Here is my huge listing of songs, titles A to Z…. updated for 2017 some creepy, some weird, some fun, some kids, some your basic Halloween songs, and  finally some ummm well just a puzzlement on why they are listed … Continue reading

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Creatonotos gangis moth

to get you going for the day and fulfill creepy critters for October… I present to you… drum rollll…………………….. …………………Creatonotos gangis moth … yes it is real.. The tentacle-like structures are scent organs emitting pheromones to attract male moths. These … Continue reading

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I am Night… poem for October Spooky

I am night. I am the ink that pours onto the land I am the paint of the sky, the darkness of man I am the absence of color, the purity of negative, of nothingness   I conceal what is, … Continue reading

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