Tactile: A Poem for Autumn

Playing around in the fall with ideas and thoughts and this appeared… enjoy



Plentiful, abundant is the forest
Autumn hails as the air turns cool

Breaking the cycle of life
Starting the period of death

Leaves falling, raining down
Eloquent with color and hues

Embellished with texture
Feel the waxy leaves, the red veins

Leaves blanket the ground
Decaying, their nutrients are absorbed

Feel the soil, the cool heavy loom
Rich in blackness, abundant in life

Quiet the forest is now, preparing
Winters sleep turns the corner

Resting for work hard pressed
To awaken refreshed to begin again




About jasterling

One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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