I Am Suzanne (1933)

This must be the week of weird “Devil” movies. First there was ‘L’inferno’, which for the date is surprising the graphics and content. One woudl think a bit more restrained but nope,  And now  “I Am Suzanne” (933) staring Lilian Harvey, Gene Raymond, and Leslie Banks.

Now after seeing a clip from a show it looked like another Devil based show making the rounds lately on  my Facebook Newsfeed.(https://www.facebook.com/InSearchofPaganHollywood/)

But after reading the summary of the plot, it is pretty interesting and not what I was expecting at all. Check this one out if you get a chance.

I Am Suzanne (933)

I Am Suzanne

Rep Diary: I Am Suzanne!

Film Review I Am Suzanne


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