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Royal Eats

So if you have a royal family in your fictional story, what does the royals eat or not eat. And why? Interesting notion to fool with after seeing an article on what the Queen of England eats. So why does … Continue reading

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Mac and Me

Do you remember this movie? I do! It was a cute movie that while yes was very similar to ET in fact a knock off, it still had some enduring moments. Listen to how MAC talks, I love it. And … Continue reading

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Creating Galaxies

For those world-building for a story or just like creating imaginary lands for fun I have now posted a mini class/lecture on “Creating Your Galaxy”.   Lots of this information I acquired while doing my own series.  I have provided several … Continue reading

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Hmmm ‘ancient astronaut theorists’

soooo if an astronaut is defined as “a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft”. And a person is as defined “a human being regarded as an individual”. Continuing on that path of definitions: ancient is defined as … Continue reading

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The Architects of Fear

When this episode first aired, apparently some stations found the alien monster so scary they actually put a black bar across the face. Other stations delayed the show until after the late night news. And other stations just deleted the … Continue reading

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My World-building Page

For those into world-building for your story… I have finally started to slowly post timelier on my Fictional Anthropology blog. I will post something per day as I start the process through the “chapters” of the world-building “book” I made … Continue reading

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The Graffiti Highway to Fire

For those writing, this is a great inspiration. Not just for horror or spooky atmosphere but also for how a culture can be damaged due to nature.  Or how about a town that has been cut off for centuries that … Continue reading

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