The Architects of Fear

architects fear

When this episode first aired, apparently some stations found the alien monster so scary they actually put a black bar across the face. Other stations delayed the show until after the late night news. And other stations just deleted the show.

Therefore that the title truly did ‘architect’ ‘fear’ in the sponsors and TV stations.

How have times changed….. Now some praise aliens as ancestors

The Architects of Fear

The Architects of Fear

The Outer Limits ( 1963-65 ) S01E03 – The Architects of Fear

Recap / The Outer Limits (1963) S 1 E 3 “The Architects of Fear”


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One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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