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Language Affects Culture

How does the language in your story affect the culture? Think a bit on this. It is not just the way a language may be created or the substitution of English for constructed words but rather in how the concept … Continue reading

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Human Skulls for Art

Sighing heavily …. Rant of the day… this is in regards to human skulls and the use of real ones for decoration Saw this picture , above  online and all the comments about the art work.  While yes it is … Continue reading

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Archaeology of Star Wars

I still maintain the best writers are anthropologists and/or mythologists and/or archaeologists for they know the stories of man, are steep in the symbols and want to  know why society is drawn to common themes. It is this fleshing out … Continue reading

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A Banner Day

Working today on setting up the basics for my “Terminological Inexactitude” blog for books 4 onward … it is a slow go but did finished some basic banners … I think I need to visit more ancient alien sites to … Continue reading

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Plotting here…

So while waiting for book 3 to be finished and to keep from losing my patience, I find fun little diversions through people and the things that they say or mention. I cannot help it, people and conversations have a … Continue reading

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Transferred Memories

Now this is something I am working on in my fictional series, where memories are recounted by someone who is enhanced with DNA from another person. Sounds far-fetched, well sure it is sci-fi but much of sci-fi is based on … Continue reading

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Yuma Writing Group

I am more of an introvert lately, especially since Mom left this world. I do not like going into unknown surroundings or events as panic still creeps up. On the positive side I am better and now can drive to … Continue reading

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