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Pinterest Slide-Show of the Book

For fun a slideshow of various digital posters and items I am making for the book to put on pinterest  …enjoy Advertisements

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Sneak Peek, Book 2

want a sneak peek at one small part of book 2…. DNA Poem… well sort of          

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I am a Cancer… Zodiac

I am one of them, yup a crab. Born in July to parents who were also born in July, boy does that make me double or triple Cancer, geesh I am doomed to be a crab. Now my logic side, … Continue reading

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“The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot”

First thought: good grief… just when you think pseudo cannot get weirder and this appears. Second thought a joke right, a ‘photoshopped’ movie poster, a giggle. Actually this is a REAL movie title. The movie is being shown at Fantasia … Continue reading

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Lucifer of Liège (Le génie du mal)

  Le génie du mal (The Genius of Evil) is also referred to as Lucifer of Liège. This statue is a stunning piece of workmanship. The Belgian artist Guillaume Geefs created the piece out of white marble in 1848 for … Continue reading

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30 Second Trailer … well close

okay well for today’s fun I tried for a 30 second trailer… After a couple of readjustments like color of text and 2 minutes of black space, I finally achieve an almost 30 second trailer, a tad over but very … Continue reading

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Cocky is “unenforceable”.. that was a give me

For those who are not in the know, there was a hot fire going on lately in the self-publishing world.  Trademark war…. need music for that…….. One person, Faleena Hopkins, did apply for trademark in 2017 on the word cocky. … Continue reading

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