Lucifer of Liège (Le génie du mal)



Le génie du mal (The Genius of Evil) is also referred to as Lucifer of Liège. This statue is a stunning piece of workmanship. The Belgian artist Guillaume Geefs created the piece out of white marble in 1848 for the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Liège.

This 1848 statue replaced a statue done by Joseph Geefs, his brother. The 1842 statue titled “L’ange du mal” (or “Angel of Evil”) was deemed by the church fathers as too sexual and would distract the females. The reasoning given was in the pose, the slightly opened knees, and of course not enough cloth across the lap.

So another statue was commissioned from the older brother Guillaume in a traditional classic style, with more cloth of course.

Le génie du mal

Lucifer of Liège

Lucifer of Liège

The famous statue of Lucifer was installed in St. Paul’s cathedral in Liege after the previous statue was declared too seductive

The Devil in the Cathedral: the Lucifer of Liège


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