Silence by JA Sterling (a micro-fiction at 200 words)


A veil of silence enshrouded the gurney as it passed the ER room continuing slowly to the morgue. The last few minutes of her life were fixed forever upon her corpse.

Her check shattered, the mandible broken by hard punches. The synoptic impulses faded, shocked by the sudden attack, unable to comprehend the abuse. She collapsed to the floor, her body resembling a rag doll as the attacker continued his hostility. Her body jumped slightly as he kicked the torso, his steel tip boots protecting his toes from harm.

Finally the blood lust was quenched. His eyes focused on the scene before him, they showed no remorse. She forced him to punish her daring to disobey him in public, dishonoring him. Disgusted, he gave her one last kick to the head, as her breath grew shallow. He then turned, leaving the doors opened for the world to see the justice he administered.

From under a concealed under a skirted table, terrified to cry, eyes watched. When the man left, the eyes waited to see if he would return, slowly then a hand reached for the cell on the floor, just a few feet away. “Please help mommy, daddy hurt her.”

About jasterling

One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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