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Spooky Music List

For those who like spooky music on Halloween or jut anytime here is my big list I have complied  

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Cat and Acne?????

Soooo I took PandaDragon to vet yesterday because of what appeared to be small cuts/scratches just under his chin from what we assume was the little kitten being too feisty. We gave it time to heal but apparently it was … Continue reading

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Hangman’s Noose

  Stained red with the blood of a countless men The old noose still hangs from the dead tree Swaying in the wind, back and forth like a metronome Those were the days of swift justice, too quick Not always … Continue reading

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Imagination becomes Flesh

Imagination becomes Flesh (100 word story by JA Sterling) The dense cold fog hung low to the ground, enshrouding the trees rising upwards with their dark lifeless arms. Above the night sky was crisp clear, the stars shone down in … Continue reading

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