Eternity of the Hearth (a poem)

Flames leap forward creating images in the red glow
The dried kiln cut from an aged pine tree now snaps and crackles
Telling of the time when the tree was cut, of summer’s sun

     Children gather round the hearth to hear the stories of old
     Legends of great heroes, of good spirits and angelic beings
     Words sing out, faces turn to smiles as eyes light up

Each sentence they embrace, to hear the same story again
Then one by one they yawn, succumbing to sleep
The voices grow softer as the fire also dies out

    Licks of fire slow down, flickering on and off
    Glowing embers burst forth from charred logs
    Gathered as a memory to begin the next Yule fire


About jasterling

One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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