Winter Revisits

Once again winter returns to the land, revisiting old haunts, checking out corners
Memories of warm summer days is replaced instantly with bone chilling cold

Blue skies bow in submission, abundance of gray clouds appear from nowhere
Dropping crisp white snowflakes like mini daggers upon the landscape below

The land yields to the invasion, those unprepared face winters destructive force
Pipe explode spraying the house with icy water, cars sputter refusing to budge

Sidewalks are concealed yet tracks appear breaking though leaving codes
Roads become invisible blankets of white on top of ice testing the best drivers

Vegetation groans, their leaves freeze in place, only to thaw in the midday sun
Shocked into dying they turn brown, dropping bearing their naked branches

Winter revisits, come back to remind us of the death that one cannot flee from
Yet in the coldness eternal hope lives, the spring for rebirth that drives us forward



About jasterling

One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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