Did you know…. copyright requires

Interesting read off Forbes (Aug 2018):

The Federal Government Threatening an Indie Book Publisher With $100,000 in Fines? by Nick Sibilla (https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicksibilla/2018/08/30/why-is-the-federal-government-threatening-an-indie-book-publisher-with-100000-in-fines)

A quote from the article “Under American copyright law, which dates back to 1790, any copyright owner today must send “two complete copies of the best edition” of a published work to the Copyright Office.”

So under the wording of the law then ALL self-published authors are required to send in two copies since they claim copyright… hmmmm.. the court case will be interesting to follow and I guess to be on the safe side once the book is published I better send a copy, oops nope TWO copies in separate mailings, to the U.S. Copyright Office, a 250 dollar fine is big ….

More if you want to read on this



Outdated Federal Law Threatens Unique Richmond Publisher

Legal: On Demand Publisher Challenges Federal Deposit Demand




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