Taggla-Sone (Day of Weaving)

Held on the 23rd day of Koro on the Ontahl’Yan Calendar

This day is traditionally observed by those skilled in the typing of knots and weaving of cloth. On this day dedicated weavers gather throughout RandAnar in large and small groups to weave an intricate design that depicts a theme for the year. These  varied sizes of wall hangings are sent to the palace where they are displayed in the public hallways before being sent to the RandAnar Museum for the Arts for long term viewing.

Also displayed on this day is century old Knotted Rope.

The knots of the rope are added to by every warrior or student each year of service or study.  The Knotted Rope is draped around the place and symbolically tied at the front entrances.  The rope  is to visually symbolizes the promise of the RandaHawk sect to the RandAnar people for protection and spiritual guidance.

This is one of the many holidays in the world-building culture of my fictional series, Quest for the Light, which begins this summer…  https://scrolloftheancients.wordpress.com/

day of weaving 2084



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