Writer: And just Who Am I

Good question people have been trying to figure me out for years.. With little success I might add.  What I am is a mom with three kids and an imagination that will not cease.  Writing helps to keep me sane in this insane world and calm all those words swirling around in my head wanting out.  So I have decided to release the tempest upon the world, so brace for the macabre, the passion, the squirrelly, and even the mind bending worlds I will be presenting to you the reader.

My background lies in anthropology and comparative religious studies where I have done considerable work in very drab dull theories, cultural studies, and comparative analysis of language terms, artifacts, or symbolism.

I write in the fictional world, far out of the box in relationship to ideas which tend to lean more to myths, magic, the supernatural phenomena in period pieces rather than simple day to day activities of trying to find the “one date” or plodding along at work story lines.  My work is complex many times, interweaving the arc back and forth, and then when you got it all figured out, I love to pull the rug out.

My main book series is being edited for publication, so I will share some of the process and ideas that involved.   Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, a simple word that is mentioned to a complex paper… each in their way add to the complexity of my story as I world build.

I do hope you enjoy the stories selections, poems or even the fun to create drabble. What you will see are mostly first drafts, I rarely do rewrites. If you have any major illogical complaints or do not like how I address a character keep it to yourself, I expect people to be professional and polite and above all tolerant: if you no like do not read. But if you have suggestions, ideas etc. that fall under constructive criticisms those are accepted in the spirit of writing.

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