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Coin of the Realm

working on making the test coins for my book series… got this far in the testing ohase using metal so they sound real then attaching Photoshop images via a silver paper then I will polyurethane to a shiny surface… here … Continue reading

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Lucifer of Liège (Le génie du mal)

  Le génie du mal (The Genius of Evil) is also referred to as Lucifer of Liège. This statue is a stunning piece of workmanship. The Belgian artist Guillaume Geefs created the piece out of white marble in 1848 for … Continue reading

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Progress, A Little…

Well last week I actually made some progress, patting myself on the back. Not only did I get some advancement on the remodeling of the back room, but also managed to make some headway in the fictional arena of my … Continue reading

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Along with untold thousands upon thousands on Pinterest, I have a home spot as well. I started mine to house all the interesting things I find for quick reference when writing. Then I added in some boards on Egyptology, as … Continue reading

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Giant Skulls Everywhere

An interesting art display called “Mass” by Ron Mueck is playing off the idea of memento mori (Latin for “remember that you have to die”). Memento mori is reflection and reminder of mortality in relation to earthy goods with the idea … Continue reading

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The Graffiti Highway to Fire

For those writing, this is a great inspiration. Not just for horror or spooky atmosphere but also for how a culture can be damaged due to nature.  Or how about a town that has been cut off for centuries that … Continue reading

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Human Skulls for Art

Sighing heavily …. Rant of the day… this is in regards to human skulls and the use of real ones for decoration Saw this picture , above  online and all the comments about the art work.  While yes it is … Continue reading

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