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Planet of the Female Invaders (1966)

It must be the month of wacky shows. This one cross my desk earlier today. The blurb from IMDB: “A group of sexy space vixens who fly down to Earth, set up shop at a carnival, and kidnap some earthlings … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Neptune Men

Another crazy sci-fi movie…. this one was made in 1961 by Toei Company Ltd.. The movie was first released in Japan and then later, in 1964, to the United States. In 1998 the movie was shown on Mystery Science Theater … Continue reading

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Attack of the Movies Time

For some fun movies to watch when bored or just need a giggle, here are a couple I have come across recently. The first up is “Attack of the Crab Monsters”. You may want to forego seafood snack while watching, … Continue reading

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