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Blow a Bagpipe day

If you are in awe over the haunting melody of the single bagpiper standing above the low lying mist… then you will love these selections to celebrate this day from traditional to those with a rock twist… enjoy “Scotland the … Continue reading

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Attack of the Movies Time

For some fun movies to watch when bored or just need a giggle, here are a couple I have come across recently. The first up is “Attack of the Crab Monsters”. You may want to forego seafood snack while watching, … Continue reading

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International Day for Tolerance

Today is the International Day for Tolerance. This was begun in 1965 by the United Nations with activities directed towards educational field and the public. For more information go to … Respect others if you want them to respect you…

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Tactile: A Poem for Autumn

Playing around in the fall with ideas and thoughts and this appeared… enjoy   Plentiful, abundant is the forest Autumn hails as the air turns cool Breaking the cycle of life Starting the period of death Leaves falling, raining down … Continue reading

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National Pickle Day

Today is National Pickle Day. Pickles can be traced back over 4000 years. They have been mated with ice cream, hung on Christmas trees, made into a soup, and even a popular rag song in the early 1000’s. So to … Continue reading

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Archaeological drama….

And who says there is no drama in archaeology… come on we got theft of stolen bones, suspicious packages, fraudulent papers…. all the high impact drama that makes up a good story, except this one is real and playing out … Continue reading

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 Trilobite Beetles

Called a platerodrilus. A type of beetle from the family Lycidae. The ones usually seen are female, who stay in their larvae form. These females have large scales over the head and body reminiscent of a trilobite.  Also called Trilobite … Continue reading

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