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Silence by JA Sterling (a micro-fiction at 200 words) A veil of silence enshrouded the gurney as it passed the ER room continuing slowly to the morgue. The last few minutes of her life were fixed forever upon her corpse. … Continue reading

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Writing Bio…..

I am the one who created the characters, the one that breathed life into their paper souls. I put the voiceless words into their mouths, the fire in their hearts, and the whispers on the wind. I alone control whom … Continue reading

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Dies Irae: The Day of Wrath

getting into the spooky season so in-between tackling the infamous book , thought I would revive a few short stories and add a bit them them this year… here is the prologue to one Dies Irae: The Day of Wrath … Continue reading

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New Book Trailer

Still leaning how to make videos, total count 7, yes the big seven.  Here is another attempt at a book trailer for Book 1… please enjoy making these has been both fun and frustrating   a longer version that needs … Continue reading

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Been in limbo writing land

Been really busy working on redoing the first two books.. book two is now 90 percent done.. needs final edit, beta reading, and content review… Book one has been a bit harder, lots of changes since it was originally “done” … Continue reading

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Fluffy ( A drabble exactly 100 word story) by JA Sterling You would think that a prissy white long haired feline, named Fluffy would have the decorum to stay out of trouble, sit on her satin pillow I bought and … Continue reading

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Coin of the Realm

working on making the test coins for my book series… got this far in the testing ohase using metal so they sound real then attaching Photoshop images via a silver paper then I will polyurethane to a shiny surface… here … Continue reading

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