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Climate Change Deniers Debunked

best list of simple to the point facts to use when confronted with climate change deniers … Debunking 25 arguments against climate change in 5 sentences or less (each)   Advertisements

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Red Lip Bat Fish

  Time to find out all you ever wanted to know about the Red-Lipped Bat-Fish… yup you read that correctly. Ogcocepphalus darwini  is found aroudn the Galapagos Islands.  They are an angler fish, which means they use their heads as prey. … Continue reading

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Understanding Anger

great lecture: I find these wonderful to watch when writing…. anger is the focus and how it is used in various literature forms… really a great series for anyone creating characters in a book “This is the first of twelve … Continue reading

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KV5… burial location of Rameses II sons

In 1995, as part of a project to map and photograph every tomb in an area known as the Theban Necropolis,  called the Theban Mapping Project, Kent Weeks made a discovery. While excavating KV5, he discovered a labyrinth of hallways … Continue reading

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Silver Swan

Just incredible, look at how the swan moves. Note the glass rods moving making the “ripples” in the pond. Simple facts: The Silver Swan is a life size automaton of a swan Dated: 18th Century Located: Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, … Continue reading

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Trust Science??? …. Yes TRUST

dragging out my steel soapbox.. dusting off mic Hello hello anyone out there…tap tap tap loud obnoxious noise emits Well this mini rant is brought to you courteous of the different between BP and BCE So yesterday I had a … Continue reading

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Aluminum and Mercury

totally cool.. I am so using this effect of the item “growing” upwards like a pedestal for my book.. think of this rising as a podium..of course more stable but keeping those threads….    

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