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Size it does matter…that is on Instagram

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… one final post on Instagram. Size it does matter… While you are compiling pictured via manipulation, you need to check the SIZE. The recommended size is 1080px … Continue reading

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Not it is not that Ancient Coin recycled… Yup it is

Well seem that  Photoshopped “alien coin” is circulating again as real.. so here is my update on the simple facts plus a video by the artist who made the digital artwork

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Coin of the Realm

working on making the test coins for my book series… got this far in the testing ohase using metal so they sound real then attaching Photoshop images via a silver paper then I will polyurethane to a shiny surface… here … Continue reading

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Cat-tastic fun

Before I begin to comb through another chapter making sure I got what I need in that chapter, filling in small holes etc… I decided to splurge and have fun with PandaCat on Photoshop… i.e. procrastinating like crazy because I … Continue reading

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Along with untold thousands upon thousands on Pinterest, I have a home spot as well. I started mine to house all the interesting things I find for quick reference when writing. Then I added in some boards on Egyptology, as … Continue reading

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