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Making Fonts

I finished the creation of two fonts for my book series, both fonts using the alphabet of my alien world. These are even True Type ones so they can be used in Word etc.   The one font is the … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek, Book 2

want a sneak peek at one small part of book 2…. DNA Poem… well sort of          

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Now that is the perfect word for many a day’s events ….. sigh

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Hapax Legomenon

The word hapax is commonly seen as hapax legomenon: a word that occurs only once within a context, either in the written record of an entire language, in the works of an author, or in a single text. The term … Continue reading

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fun word for the Halloween season … Fuliginous means 1.sooty; smoky 2.of the color of soot, as dark gray, dull brown, black, etc.  

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