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Lectures: Archaeology

Seven Brides with Seven Stingers: The Scorpion Wives of Horus
Presented by Robert Ritner, Professor of Egyptology, University of Chicago
October 9, 1996, in Breasted Hall of the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago)

The Evolving Portrait of Deir el-Medina
Presented by Dr Dr Cedric Gobeil
The Egypt Exploration Society (February 10, 2017)

The Origins of Two Provincial Capitals in Upper Egypt: The Two Sister-Sites of Tell Edfu and Dendara
Presented by Nadine Moeller, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology
Oriental Institute (University of Chicago) Jan 2017

Persepolis Through Images: The Impact of Visual Documents on the Study of Achaemenid Ruins
Presented by Ali Mousavi, Lecturer in Iranian Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles.
The Oriental Institute (University of Chicago) March 2017