Index: Mythology


Great Myths and Legends: Hero Twins of the Americas: Myths of Origin, Duality, and Vengeance Penn Museum Penn Museum

Crash Course Mythology

What Is Myth? (Part 1)
Creation from the Void (Part 2)
Cosmic Sexy Time, Eggs, Seeds, and Water (Part 3)
Earth Mothers and Rebellious Sons (Part 4)

More crash courses: Mythology
Social Orders and Creation Stories (Part 5)
Humans and Nature and Creation (Part 6)
Pantheons of the Ancient Mediterranean (Part 7)

Crash Course Mythology Continues
Indian Pantheons (Part 8)
The Greeks and Romans – Pantheons Part 3 (Part 9)

Crash Course mythology 10 and 11

The Norse Pantheon  (Part 10)
African Pantheons and the Orishas (Part 11)


Crash Course mythology 12-16

Theories of Myth (Part 12)

Great Goddesses (Part 13)

Fire and Buffalo Goddesses (Part 14)

Archetypes and Male Divinities (Part 15)

Floods in the Ancient Near East (Part 16)