Index: Animals/Nature
Panda Dragon (the cat who rules the house)
PandaDragon (for no reason)
The Great PandaDragon
Some Panda Cat For All
PandaDragon Christmas

Silky Anteater
Ghost Sharks: Chimaeras
All Things Turkey
More Tardigrades
Tardigrades in Space
Cat Day
Cats and Pumpkins
Red Lip Bat Fish
Pallas Cats
Ctenoides ale or the Disco Clam
Hooded Grebe
Steller’s Sea Eagle
Rhinopias Eschmeyeri (Paddle Flap Scorpionfish)
Rabbits…. a Whole Island of Rabbits

Trilobite Beetles
Creatonotos gangis moth
Acanthoplus discoidalis (Armored Crickets)

The National Park of American Samoa
Aokigahara Forest

Index: Archaeology
Archaeological drama….
2014 Rhind Series
31 Days of Halloween Archaeology, with Anthropology, History, Geology, Paleontology, even Mythology
The Bones of Archaeology
Archaeology and the Show of Hands … and Heads
Temple of Dendur
KV5… burial location of Rameses II sons
What is Archaeology…..
Book of the Dead of Ramose
Lectures: Archaeology

Index: Architecture
Mont Saint-Michel
Glass Bottom Pools

Index: Art
The Castle by Jorge Méndez Blake
Diver by Sophie Dickens
Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez
Trans ī re by Fredrik Raddum
Ultra Violet: 2018 Color of the Year
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Silver Swan
Watson and the Shark by John Singleton Copley
“The Dying Gaul” Statue
Euphronios, Sarpedon Krater
30,000 Getty Museum Images
The Fallen 9000 (2013)
Małgorzata Chodakowska Fountains
Colors of Death
The Black House
New Blue: YInMn
“Gallos” by Rubin Eyno
Public Domain Art
Museo Atlantico

The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl
Sculpture and the Power It Has on People
Bull vs Girl Update

Index: Dance
Russ Tamblyn

Index: History
Ancient Egypt
Book of the Dead of Ramose
Vintage Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian poetry: The Tale of Sinuhe
Canopic Jar
Ancient Egyptian Clappers
Ancient Egypt and cigarettes…
Plague of bread?

Ancient Greece or Roman
Euphronios, Sarpedon Krater
Colors of Greece and Rome

Debunking Irish Slaves Mythos
Yankee Doodle
The Gunslinger Mummy

Index: Languages/Words/Phrases
World Hello Day
Hapax Legomenon
Whataboutism (whataboutery)

Index: Literature
Fenn Treasure
The Odyssey
Allegory of the Long Spoons

Index: Movie/Film
Crash Course Film History
She 1925 (Silent Film)
Little Orphant Annie – 1918
The Scarlet Empress (1934)
I Am Suzanne (1933)
‘L’inferno’ (1911)
The Egyptian Mummy (1914)
Invasion of the Neptune Men
Attack of the Movies Time
The Many Faces of Beauty and the Beast
Where Have All the People Gone? (1974)
Night Life of the Gods (1935)
The Fantastic Journey
The Master Mystery
The Blue Bird (1918) (1940) (1976)
The Twonky

Index: Music
The Epic Of Gilgamesh In Sumerian
Mozart on Mozart’s Piano
The Sound of Silence
Music by Anthony Hopkins
Autumn Music List
Blow a Bagpipe day
Halloween Music
Mozart on Mozart’s Piano
Uncle John Scruggs
Yankee Doodle
Music in Stories
Niccolò Paganini…..
Miserere mei Deus
Dill Pickles Rag
Listening to Music (Yale Lectures) Lecture 1 Introduction
Listening to Music (Yale Lectures) Lecture 2 Introduction to Instruments and Musical Genres

Index: Mythology
Great Myths and Legends: Hero Twins of the Americas: Myths of Origin, Duality, and Vengeance 
Crash Course Mythology
More crash courses: Mythology
Crash Course Mythology Continues
Crash Course mythology 10 and 11
Crash Course mythology 12-16

Index: Pseudo Everything
Climate Change Deniers Debunked
Ad Hominem Fallacies
Trust Science??? …. Yes TRUST
Memes and Dawkins
Secret Nazi Antarctica Base… NOT
Understanding Pseudoscience
Rise of the Alt-right
Fake News Sites
Colors of Greece and Rome
Debunking Irish Slaves Mythos
The Gungywamp

Index: Science/Space/Future
Earth-Like Planets
The Death Star and Protons
Alien Evolution
Faraday Bag
If aliens were to arrive on Earth…..
wrap your brain around this
Warp Drives
Holographic Cosmology
Chances of Alien Life

Index: Society/Sociology
Science Literacy
Dancing Plague of 1518
Why do stories exist?
International Day for Tolerance
Allegory of the Long Spoons
Memes and Dawkins
Sociology: crash course

Index: Story Creation
More Character Ideas
Dancing Plague of 1518
Why do stories exist?
Author’s Posse
Describing characters….
Another year gone……
Supporting that goal
Alien Evolution
Fictional Anthropology
A Writer’s Utopia Intro
Post on Eugenics
The Touch of Fabrics
Trapped inside your mind
Cats in Ancient Egypt
We Wear Culture
Atlas Obscura Map
The World Map
Robo cops
Constructing a Language
book series fun gifts
Stochastic Terrorism
If aliens were to arrive on Earth…..
Book Promotion continues
wrap your brain around this
Kings and Reality
Warp Drives
Mont Saint-Michel
Odd stuff for writing
Intellectual Standards
Psychopath: Research Links
Warrior of the Ancients .. done
Hollow Deaths
My new “writing” bio
And Just Who am I

Index: Stuff that Works
Fastening “stuff” down