Ultra Violet: 2018 Color of the Year

So it will be an ultra violet year. huh.  Just what does that mean, what does the color stand for, and how is the meaning of that color interpreted? What about the “fun” aspect, those pseudo items that while may not ring true in science are just fun for entertainment value, how is ultra violet seen amidst that realm? And what of the idea that ultraviolet is actually invisible, ultraviolet light that is.

Amusing questions that run about my head wanting to know what importance ultra violet has or will have in the world, real or imaginary. Let us see what we can on the subject via our faithful companion, the internet.

Well to start off apparently, according to Pantone the color ultra violet is “what’s needed in our world today”. So what does that mean? Pantone explains that ultra violet “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.” That indicates a color for pushing forward, to achieve.

Going back to Pantone’s announcement: “Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. So not only is the color to propel man forward but also intended to symbolize the mystery of space and also the unknown. And that is where the fun comes in as one reads the various articles and interpretation of the color ultra violet.

Looking a little deeper what does the color violet, or simply purple, mean to cultures and people? And while we are at it, just what is the difference between violet and purple.

On the color chart they are close to each other, purple being closer to red and violet closer to blue. However it is in the optics where we see the difference. In that area, Violet is a spectral color and occupies its own wavelength at a spot between blue and the invisible ultraviolet. Purple on the other hand is a combination of two spectral colors, those being of course red and blue. In other words there is no wavelength for purple but there is one for violet.

The color Tyrian Purple became synonymous with wealth and the power of the ruling class way back in ancient days. The reasoning being the color was hard to access via a sea snail, thus costly and limited to produce. This idea has followed done the centuries, even to today whereas purple is seen as a mark of royalty.

In exploring various cultures and see how the color is traditionally view or used.  From mourning color to ecclesiastical to even deep hues bordering on the macabre. Violet is a mirage of meanings, symbolism, and interpretation, especially by New Age devotees.

Purple, or violet as the two are often jumbled, ‘fun’ side is where I want to go. The color violet is said to be mystical edging with energy. While that may be true or not, this is where the scientific part of me leaves and the fantasy fiction seeking me comes in. The idea of using color to enhance a mood or element in a story is for me engaging. Think of all the scenes, uses, elements, artifacts and so forth one can create with a simple color.

Add in the sci-fi angle of the color ultra violet, the color of deep space, the unknown galaxies brimming with life. Ah yes the mystery that swarms a writer creating a vulture out beyond our galaxy, to venture outwards no held back by boundaries or conformity.

To become ultra violet may be the writer’s next big invention.

So maybe this year, of a mystic color, will be the year to finally gather all the books together in a finished arrangement that in itself would be mystifying. If not then a cool color for the year to play with.

A few interesting items about violet or purple I have found:

Purple or violet gems/stones: Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, Fluorite, Iolite, Lavender Jade, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Purpurite, Selenite, Stichtite, Sugilite

In Thailand the color purple is worn by a widow mourning her husband’s death. That is interesting that color is chosen while in the west black is the mourning color.

A Purple Heart is awarded to members of the United States armed forces who have been wounded in action. The Purple Heart Award represents courage.

In Christianity, purple is associated with Advent and Lent.

The planet Jupiter has its own color, and it is of course purple.

Purple prose is an elaborately written poem or paragraph in literature.



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I love the Ancient Art Podcast, always a pleasure to listen to and informative.  Even if you know nothing about art or the ancient world, one can follow along very easily. The speaker Lucas Livingston from the  Art Institute of Chicago. Each of the podcasts has an accompanying transcript as well as bibliography with links.  Enjoy these mini lectures

Medusa, Mythic Monster (Ancient Art Podcast 53)
Transcript: http://www.ancientartpodcast.org/blog/53/

Medusa Up Close and Personal (Ancient Art Podcast 57)
Transcript: http://www.ancientartpodcast.org/blog/57/


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Ghost Sharks: Chimaeras

Chimaeras also called as ghost sharks, rat fish, elephant fish, elephant shark, silver trumpeter, whitefish,  spookfish (not  the family Opisthoproctidae), or rabbit fish (notthe family Siganidae)

They are a cartilaginous fishes in the order Chimaeriformes. The ghost shark in the southwestern Pacific Ocean off the coasts of southern Australia and New Zealand.

The ghost shark is easy to spot. Look for the LARGE eyes and the winglike fins.



Ghost Sharks

What is a deep sea ghost shark, how big are blue chimaeras and where do they live?



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Straw Man Fallacy

For fun: Straw Man Fallacy

“A Straw Man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent” (wiki)

So in other words you do not argue against what the person said but another point while looking like you did answer… sneaky indeed…

Here are some links on what the Straw Man fallacy is and how to spot it as this method is commonly used every day… beware of distractions
Straw Man

Strawman Fallacy

Straw Man

Straw man

Straw Man (Fallacy)

The Straw Man Fallacy

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Full Wolf Moon

In honor of the Full Wolf Moon on the first day of the year, I present a poem, raw like the New Year, waiting to be polished,

Fun links to this moon…

January 2018 supermoons: When to see full wolf moon, blue moon and lunar eclipse (1/1/2018)

Super Blue Blood-Moon 2018: When, Where and How to See It

What Is a Supermoon? January 2018 Supermoon

The Full Wolf Moon hear how she howls the rawness of power
Unleashing internal terror, long forgotten tribal woes
Low it starts the vociferation of primal fear growing to madness
Lamenting, terra weeps frozen tears for death unyielding

White crisp, the gelded vast wilderness of illusionary memory
Overwhelming the souls, biting, nipping at petrified flesh
Life diminished, immortality burned, quietus
Frigid hearts echo the mournful cry of the solitarily wind

Moon cast down shadow, cold, unyielding light of mastery
Overwhelming man, controlling his desires, thoughts, his mind
Oh how man crumbles, his fate commanded
Nature she holds mankind in her fangs, friend or foe

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The Egyptian Mummy (1914)

The Egyptian Mummy was a silent picture movie made in 1914.  Starring Billy Quirk, Lee Beggs, Joel Day, and Constance Talmadge.

Plot: A man attempts to earn money by forging Egyptian antiquities. He needs the money to impress his girlfriend’s father into allowing them to marry. The antiquity he is trying to sell is a mummy, who happens to be a real person hired to pretend to be a mummy.

Funny, quirky, and a short 15 minute gem from the past

The Egyptian Mummy (1914)

The Egyptian Mummy (film 1914)

The Egyptian Mummy

The Egyptian Mummy (1914) A Silent Film Review

The Egyptian Mummy (Vitagraph, 1914)

The Egyptian Mummy Preview


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The World of Nicholas Kringle (Part 3 of 5)


Part 3 of 5  (a raw draft written in a single afternoon so expect errors)

Deep inside the earth, deeper than any cave or passage a malevolent force was seething, growing stronger century by century. This force fed upon the ills of society, the hatred and anger of man. This force breathed out, in the gases of the fires, spreading that temperament onto the wind.  Minute particles landed on the ice yet were unable to penetrate the dome that secured the village of Christmas from the malicious whispers in the air.

The forces that fed on hate and anger eventually came into their own forms. By the hundreds they were born from a pernicious stew of fury and hostility.  They went forth into the corners of the world to spread their discontent. Some even ventured to the ice world, seeking to do harm to Nicholas.  There four brothers, bound together not by blood or family but by the chains of abhorrence, took up residence in a dormant volcano as they plotted to exterminate Nicholas.

“Nicholas must be made to stop his work,” growled out Korrigan the smallest of the four at barely three feet high.

“Brother, how can we stop him?  Our father has flooded the earth with his foul breath, yet Nicholas brings the mortals hope and goodwill.” inquired Daemon as he began to pace the floor.  He was always the nervous one, impatient and hot tempered.

“Then we must destroy Nicholas and stop the spirit of Christmas.” Whispered the shadow figure Ijiraq. Humanoid in form and size, yet he was only a two dimensional opaque figure consisting of blacks and grays that concealed him in the dark areas of the world where he lurked to stalk mankind.

Korrigan’s stomach grumbled, as he rubbed his belly. “All this ho ho ho garbage has made my stomach ache.”  He rubbed his belly again, “Maybe some nice caribou meat would help the ache.” Korrigan snorted with a rambunctious grunt crossed with a laugh. His large floppy deer shaped ears began to flap up and down as he started to laugh harder at his own joke.

“Cacodemon release Amarok,” demanded Daemon. “Send him to destroy Nicholas and the spirit that has taken refuge in his cave.”

“Are you sure?  For once Amarok is released no one can command his will. He will kill any who cross his path, including us my dear brother.” Cacodemon warned sternly as the eldest of those created.

“Release him and let this be done with.” Daemon shouted, then turned and left as he headed deeper into the volcano for warmth.

“As you wish.” Cacodemon also withdrew from the cavern through another arch. He climbed upwards through a labyrinth of tunnels until he reached the surface.  He closed the black cloak around his body tighter as he went forth into the snow.  He was heading for a glacier that ended just a hundred feet away.  At the base of that glacier was a crevasse that gave way to the interior. There he would find the Amok trapped in ice, sealed a century ago.

He stood before the frozen wolf, and lifted his arms in prayer to the evil that would command him to break free. “Father, hear my plea, release the wolf Amok, instruct him to destroy Nicholas and all who take shelter in his village.”

He took out his staff, made of ash and elder wood and struck the ground hard.  The ground began to shake, the degree intensified until cracks were seen in the surface of the ice wall.  Slowly the cracks expanded in depth and length until they encircled Amarok, the end meeting the beginning.  Then with a large popping noise, the ice broke off of the wall, falling onto the ground cracking into a thousand small pieces.

The wolf was freed but he did not move. Cacodemon then struck his staff again on the ground. The silver dragon capital on his staff, began to shiver, the eyes glowed a deep burgundy. From outside the wind began to pick up, creating a small whirlwind from the dust in the air. That wind entered the crevasse and circled the wolf nine times. On the tenth spin, the wind exploded into a million air particles that fell upon the wolf.  The wolf began to cough as it stood up shaking out his limbs as he regained his strength.

“Go, do as our Father commands of you.” Cacodemon pointed to the entrance.

The wolf let out a howl that caused the icicles quiver with fear. Amarok took off running straight to the entrance of the cave.  Cautiously he entered the tunnel that led to the village.  As he progressed further into the cave system, temperature rose and his icy heat began to warm.

Nicholas heard the wolf’s howl echo across the wastelands above.  He knew the monster wolf Amarok had been release.   He stood under the pixie tree and awaited the wolf after sending all the magical beings to safety behind the wood and brick walls of the buildings.

Amarok entered the chamber, his long tail swished back and forth as his cerulean blue eyes glared.  Nicholas could feel the powerful evil force coming off the wolf. The wolf stood over eight foot long and almost five feet tall at the shoulders. The nails of his paws made a clickety-click noise on the stone path as he walked slowly towards Nicholas.  His fur, though white in color, was matted, tinged with yellowing dirt. His fangs were bared in preparation to attack.

Nicholas nodded his head at the wolf, then bumping the tree a bit he shook some of the dust down. The wolf sneezed as the dust landed on him.  He shook his head with great zeal trying to dislodge the dust. But the dust just dug down deeper changing the wolf. Outside his white fur became whiter, fluffier to the eyes.  Inside he was also changing, the few particles of dust he had inhaled had calmed his temperament.  He could now think as one, not commanded by any force against his will.

“What have you done to me?” Amarok barked out to Nicholas. “Why do I feel different?”

“I have done nothing, you are the cause.” Nicholas explained as he came closer to Amarok stopping just in front of him. “This is the real you coming forth, the wolf inside does as his mind tells him.” He sat down on a boulder and held out his hand for the wolf to sniff.  “You do not wish to not serve a master who uses you for his own selfish means? Do you?”

“Who is then to be my master?” Amarok sniffed the hand presented to him, then rubbed the side of his mouth against the knuckles.

“You are your own master.” Nicholas gave him a small pet. “You decide your fate now. That is the gift of the Christmas spirit.”

“Then I choose to stay here at Christmas and vow to protect you Nicholas and all the magical beings from those forces that seek to destroy you.” The wolf stretched his neck, allowing himself to be scratched.  The contact with the human felt good and right. Standing up and lifting his neck high, he let out a howl that told the brothers that they had failed.

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