The Canopied Road


Trudging down the old cemetery road
Without a thought without a care
Enjoying the mist, the air so clean

From the distance you swear you hear
A horse neighing sounds of laughter

Yet there is none on that road, calm serene
No human, no souls do wander near

Then from the mist, a buggy comes froth
Cold clammy air suddenly grasps the lungs
The hairs on your neck and arms stand up

A passerby from a another day tips his hat
A young Victorian lady giggles and nods

Then as suddenly the mist swallows them whole
Once again you are alone, yet the past surrounds

Walk into yesterday, the past unfolds
Dust flies upward, mud still clings to ruts
A small walk on this tree line road

Trees planted a century ago, so it is said
Still alive, their branches reach for the heavens

Their golden leaves mirror the sun
Where the past still leaves in memory

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Fastening “stuff” down

Topic of the day: museum wax or putty. This “stuff”  works and saves your glass items from crashing to the floor. Really it does stick with no damage to your items… All my vases and anything fragile or that I do not want to break is “fastened” down in this manner.

When I changed out my mantle to camels and peacocks, I had to find new places for my   Mayan/Aztec/Olmec replicas (via Mexico shopping trips). So they end up on top of the new bookcases on the side of my office along with casts  like the dinosaur tooth as well as fossils.  The tops of those bookcases are now crowded.

Only problem is the fragile items could fall easily in an earthquake:  why the topic of museum wax came up. Below is what brand I use and for me they work….


Oh also be sure to bolt the bookcases to a stud in the wall using angle brackets, keeps those from falling in case of an earthquake or kids from climbing… saves accidents from happening. Screw them into the stud and into the bookcase, dresser, whatever…  be safe not sorry



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Hapax Legomenon

The word hapax is commonly seen as hapax legomenon: a word that occurs only once within a context, either in the written record of an entire language, in the works of an author, or in a single text.

The term hapaxes is incorrect, technically, the fact being that “once” cannot have a plural yet we do have a plural form: hapax legomena.

noun, plural hapax legomena [hap-aks li-gom-uh-nuh, hey-paks]
1.a word or phrase that appears only once in a manuscript, document, or particular area of literature. (

Do you have one unique word in your story that has no definition given but is in correct context and… that may be fun to play with…. just once of course….

Hapax legomenon

How Do You Decode a Hapax? (Also, What’s a Hapax?) by Maya Nandakumar (Atlas Obscura website) (September 2017)

The Elusive Hapax Legomenon by Chris Higgins (Mental Floss website)(April 2011)

hapax legomenon

Is that a Hapax Legomenon? By Maeve Maddox (Daily Writing Tips website)

One-Hit Wonders: From Hapax to Googlewhacks by Ben Zimmer (Oxford University Press) (October 2007)

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The Voices of Autumn

With Autumn here,  time for some poems…enjoy


The leaves sing the song of change
Their notes vary as they descend
Like feathers on the wind, dancing

Flowers sneezing out the last melodic notes
Vanishing overnight without a care
Their beauty we no longer bear witness

Streams rush their watery, babbling songs
Before their voices are silenced, seized
Ice damming their vocal passageways

The winds howl out pain, agony
Coldness reflecting grief, sadness, loss
They fear the season is to change

The rain beats to a new rhythm now changes
Colder brass yet subdued, the sound suspended
Tones soften against the snow blanket

The sun sings no longer in full voice
Clouds muffle her song with grayness
Daylight noise gives way to a hum




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More Tardigrades

I still think these guys are tailing me…

Again I found my news-feed today on Facebook full of tardigrades posts.  Everyone is amazed.  I am guessing that  since the tardigrades hit the Star Trek universe has been recounted, people are again being bombarded with tardigrades from older sources or newly discovered “wow look at this” posts.

Interesting but day after day posts on these guys gets spooky….

So here is some more information on these quirky animals.




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Mozart on Mozart’s Piano

Mr. Levin is playing Mozart Sonata No. 17 in B flat major KV 570 — 3rd movement


Here is a lecture series by him you may enjoy:



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Voids in Space

When working on a sci-fi book, travel between galaxies or le-gasp even universes is almost a give me. While the actual mechanics may not work or even be possible in reality, that does not stop the what if fun of sci-fi….

So what if we could travel to another galaxy what would we see, find, discover those ideas are what drives a story. Would “people”, i.e. the indigenous populations, be similar or completely different from anything we can comprehend at the present?

According to recent information, our little Milky Way Galaxy may be in a void. What would it be like if we were closer to other galaxies, would there be inter-galactic travel? Could we be just one of many planets looking outwards? What could we learn from other worlds?

What are in the voids? Nothing? Something? Unknown quantum?

So many questions and so many possibilities… so write away the only limits are   the parameters of your imagination.

Some fun articles to read:

Astronomers Say The Largest Void in The Universe Could Reveal Alternate Realities by Peter Dockrill (Science Alert website) (April 2017)

Are We Living in a Giant Cosmic Void? By Marina Koren (The Atlantic) (June 2017)

Voids in cosmological simulations over cosmic time

Milky Way moving away from void (Astronomy website) (June 2007)

There’s A Huge Void In Space And We Are Living Inside It, Scientists Say
By Hannah Osborne (Newsweek) (June 2017)

‘Cosmic void’ theory suggests our Universe is like Swiss cheese and we live in one of its holes by Abigail Beall (June 2017)


The Boötes Void Is The Emptiest Place In The Universe

We Found the Largest Void in the Universe, And We’re Smack in the Middle

Another Universe May Have Bumped Into Ours and We Might Have Proof

SUPERVOID: The Giant Nothing – A Rip In The Fabric Of Space

What Causes Massive Super-Voids in Space?

Supervoids vs Colliding Universes!

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