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In the Year 2889

This movie was produced in 1967 about a small pocket of humans that remain alive after a nuclear destruction of earth. While the acting has a lot to be desired, there are interesting glimmers of how people would act in … Continue reading

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Mac and Me

Do you remember this movie? I do! It was a cute movie that while yes was very similar to ET in fact a knock off, it still had some enduring moments. Listen to how MAC talks, I love it. And … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Neptune Men

Another crazy sci-fi movie…. this one was made in 1961 by Toei Company Ltd.. The movie was first released in Japan and then later, in 1964, to the United States. In 1998 the movie was shown on Mystery Science Theater … Continue reading

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Night Life of the Gods (1935)

more fun movies…… the 1935 Night Life of the Gods….. thought to be a lost film, a copy was foundĀ in the 1980’s basic plot: a ring that makes statues come to life or make humans into statues…. oh did I … Continue reading

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