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PandaDragon surprised

Caught PandaDragon reading the end of my book series. He is now sworn to secrecy or else….     Advertisements

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Instagram helper…..

still working on a portfolio of Instagram pictures that will reflect the book series and the off-world culture setting.. lucky me, I had a supervisor who commented visually …

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Cat-tastic fun

Before I begin to comb through another chapter making sure I got what I need in that chapter, filling in small holes etc… I decided to splurge and have fun with PandaCat on Photoshop… i.e. procrastinating like crazy because I … Continue reading

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Some Panda Cat For All

Sharing PandaDragon, the cat who own us, photos … enjoy   Look at how dirty he got in the  dirt area…

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The Great PandaDragon

for great cat fun … https://thegreatpandadragon.tumblr.com/

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