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Evil Behind Mask

Masques obscure faces, yet allowing eyes to reveal the true nature of the soul encased. In Prophecy of the Ancients, evil shrewdly concealed behind flesh faces of friendship or devotes waiting to sow the seeds of distrust and suspicion.  Prophecy … Continue reading

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Map Making: Attempt 1

My attempt to make a map. This is Monarch Island and surrounding zone on RandAnar, the only area still inhabitable.  

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World-building: Food

Anyone  into world-building here are some ideas/thoughts/questions on food and culture that may help in your story … please enjoy https://jasterlingsworldbuilding.wordpress.com/

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Making Fonts

I finished the creation of two fonts for my book series, both fonts using the alphabet of my alien world. These are even True Type ones so they can be used in Word etc.   The one font is the … Continue reading

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