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Not it is not that Ancient Coin recycled… Yup it is

Well seem that  Photoshopped “alien coin” is circulating again as real.. so here is my update on the simple facts plus a video by the artist who made the digital artwork https://noitisnotblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/not-it-is-not-that-ancient-coin-recycled-yup-it-is/

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Instagram theme……

Working on getting a portfolio of images ready for when I release book series or get a bit closer to release to use on Instagram. I have decided to create an Instagram theme that will reflect all the elements of … Continue reading

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Along with untold thousands upon thousands on Pinterest, I have a home spot as well. I started mine to house all the interesting things I find for quick reference when writing. Then I added in some boards on Egyptology, as … Continue reading

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