Fake News Sites

From Politico current as of May 16, 2017… if you are sharing from these guys congratulations you are spreading false news….

Also note 64… yes 64… of those listed are all registered in Scottsdale, AZ), AZ… they are using Scottsdale and Arizona to run their fake websites out of.. why, because they can get away with it…

So be wary, do not make these guys rich or spread their misinformation


16WMPO.com   (Imposter site)  (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

24online.news   (Imposter site)  (registered: Panama, PA)

24wpn.com (Fake news)  (registered: Veles, Macedonia)

247NewsMedia.com (Fake news) (registered: (registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia))

ABCNews.com.co (Imposter site)(registered: Phoenix, AZ)

actualidadpanamericana.com (Parody site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

AlabamaObserver.com (Imposter site) (registered: Toronto, Canada)

AmericanFlavor.news (Fake news) ((registered: Panama, PA)

AmericanPeopleNetwork.com(Fake news) (registered: Veles, Macedonia)

AmericanPoliticNews.co (Fake news) (available for use)

AmericanPresident.co (Fake news) registered: Tblisi, Georgia)

AMPosts.com (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

ANews24.org/   (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

AngryPatriotMovement.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Anonjekloy.tk (Fake news) (registered: Amsterdam, Netherlands)

AssociatedMediaCoverage.com  (Parody site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Aurora-News.us (Imposter site) (registered: Santiago, Chile)

BB4SP.com (Fake news) (registered: Midwest City, OK)

BeforeItsNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

BlackInsuranceNews.com  (Some fake stories) (registered: Ridgefield Park, N.J.)

BlueVision.news (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

BlueVisionPost.com (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

BostonLeader.com (Parody site)         (registered: Toronto, Canada)

BostonTribune.com (Parody site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

BuzzFeedUSA.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

CannaSOS.com (Some fake stories) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Channel18News.com (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

ChristianTimesNewspaper.com  (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

ChristianToday.info (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

CivicTribune.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

CivicTribune.com (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

ClashDaily.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

CNNews3.com   (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Coed.com (Some fake stories) (registered: New York, N.Y.)

ConservativeDailyPost.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

ConservativeFlashNews.com(Fake news) (Panama, PA)

ConservativeInfoCorner.com(Fake news) (available for use)

ConservativeSpirit.com(Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

DailyInfoBox.com (Fake news)  (registered: Panama, PA)

DailyNews10.com (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

DailyNews5.com (Imposter site)         (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

DailyNewsPosts.info (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

DailySnark.com (Parody site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

DailySurge.com (Fake news) (registered: Alexandria, VA)

DailyUSAUpdate.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

DamnLeaks.com(Fake news) (registered: Colorado Springs, CO)

DemocraticMoms.com (Fake news)    (registered: Panama, PA)

DenverInquirer.com  (Imposter site)  (registered: Toronto, Canada)

DepartedMedia.com  (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

Disclose.tv         (Fake news) (registered: Passau, Germany)

DIYHours.net (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

DonaldTrumpPOTUS45.com(Fake news)Free Union, Va.

EmpireHerald.com    (Imposter site)  (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

EmpireNews.net (Parody site)    (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

EmpireSports.co (Parody site) (registered: Sellersburg, IN)

En-Volve.com (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

PaENHLive.com (Fake news) (registered: Brea, CA)

FederalistTribune.com (Fake news)(registered: Brea, CA)

FedsAlert.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

FirstPost.com (Some fake stories) (registered: Mumbai, India)

FlashNewsCorner.com (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

FloridaSunPost.com (Parody site)(registered: Toronto, Canada)

FocusNews.info (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Fox-News24.com (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

FreedomDaily.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

FreedomCrossroads.us (Fake news) (registered: North Waterboro, ME)

FreedomsFinalStand.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

FreeWoodPost.com (Parody site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

FreshDailyReport.com (Fake news) (registered: Veles, Macedonia)

GiveMeLiberty01.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

GlobalPoliticsNow.com (Fake news)  (registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

GummyPost.com (Fake news) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

HealthyCareAndBeauty.com (Some fake stories)         (registered: Berlin, Germany)

HealthyWorldHouse.com  (Fake news) (registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

HoustonChronicle-TV.com         (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

ILoveNativeAmericans.us  (Some fake stories)(registered: Kosovo, Serbia)

InterestingDailyNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Orem, Ut)

IsThatLegit.com(Fake news)(registered: (registered: Tornoto, Canada)

JewsNews.co.il  (Some fake stories)(registered: Shiloh, Israel

KMT11.com (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Konkonsagh.biz (Fake news) (registered: Ashanti, Ghana)

KY12News.com (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

LadyLibertysNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Kirkland, Wash.***

LastDeplorables.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

LearnProgress.org(Some fake stories)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Liberty-Courier.com  (Fake news)(registered: Orem, UT)

LiberalPlug.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

LibertyAlliance.com   (Fake news)(registered: Dallas, GA)

Local31News.com (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

MadWorldNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

MajorThoughts.com  (Fake news)(registered: Sunrise, FL)

Mentor2day.com (Some fake stories  (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

MetropolitanWorlds.com   (Fake news) (registered: Accra, Ghana)

MIssissippiHerald.com (Imposter site) (registered: Toronto, Canada)

NationalReport.net (Parody site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

NativeAmericans.us (Some fake stories)(registered: Cary, N.C.)

NBC.com.co (Imposter site) (registered: Phoenix, AZ)

NeonNettle.com(Fake news)(registered: Toronto, Canada)

Nephef.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

NewPoliticsToday.com (Fake news)(registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

News4KTLA.com (Imposter site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

NewsBreaksHere.com (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

NewsBreakingsPipe.com (Fake news) (registered: Limassol, Cyprus)

NewsBySquad.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

NewsDaily12.com (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

NewsExaminer.net (Fake news) Nobby Beach, Australia !!

NewsLeak.co (Fake news)  (Tblisi, Georgia)

Newslo.com (Parody site) (registered: Thessaloniki, Greece)

NewsJustForYou1.blogspot.com (Fake news) (registered: Mountain View, Ca)

NewzMagazine.com   (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

NotAllowedTo.com    (Fake news) (registered:?)

Now8News.com(Imposter site)  (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

OccupyDemocrats.com (Fake news) (registered: Langhorne, PA

OnePoliticalPlaza.com (Fake news) (registered: Miami, FA

OpenMagazines.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Politicalo.com   (Parody site)(registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

Politicass.com   (Parody site)(registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

Politicono.com  (Parody site)(registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

Politicops.com   (Parody site)(registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

Politicot.com     (Parody site)(registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

PoliticsUSANews.com (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

President45DonaldTrump.com  (Fake news) (registered Burlington, MA)

Prntly.com (Fake news)(registered Nobby Beach, Australia)

ProudLeader.com  (Fake news) (registered North Waterboro, ME)

ReadConservatives.news (Fake news) (registered Kirkland, WA)

RealNewsRightNow.com (Parody site) (registered Los Angeles, CA)

RedCountry.us  (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

RedInfo.us (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

RedRockTribune.com (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Religionlo.com  (Parody site) (registered (registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

ReligionMind.com (Fake news) (registered Balangoda, Sri Lanka)

Rogue-Nation3.com (Fake news) (registered Quebec, Canada)

RumorJournal.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

SatiraTribune.com (Parody site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Smag31.com (Some fake stories) (registered Dundalk, Ireland)

SocialEverythings.com (Fake news) (registered Mahawela, Sri Lanka

SouthernConservativeExtra.com         (Fake news)(available for use)

Spinzon.com(Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

States-TV.com   (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

Success-Street.com(Fake news)(registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

SupremePatriot.com  (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

TDTAlliance.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TeaParty.org (Some fake stories) (registered Laguna Woods, CA)

ThatViralFeed.net (Some fake stories)(registered Denver, CO)

The-Insider.co  (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

ThePremiumNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

The-Postillon.com (Parody site) (registered Roubaix, France)

TheBigRiddle.com (Some fake stories)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheInternetPost.net  (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheLastLineOfDefense.org         (Parody site)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheMoralOfTheStory.us(Fake news) (registered Paradise, CA)

TheNationalMarijuanaNews.com(Some fake stories) (registered Henderson, NV)

TheNet24h.com (Fake news) (registered Brisbane, Australia)

TheNewYorkEvening.com  (Imposter site)  (registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

ThePoliticalInsider.com (Some fake stories)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheRightists.com (Parody site)  (registered (registered: Jerusalem, Israel)

TheSeattleTribune.com (Parody site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheTrumpMedia.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheUSA-News.com (Fake news)(registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

TheUSAConservative.com  (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TheWashingtonPress.com (Imposter site) (registered Laurium, MI)

Times.com.mx   (Imposter site)  (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

TMZWorldNews.com          (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

TrueAmericans.me (Fake news)(registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

TrueTrumpers.com (Fake news) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

UndergroundNewsReport.com   (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

UniversePolitics.com (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

UrbanImageMagazine.com         (Some fake stories) (registered: Marion, IN)

USA-Radio.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

USA-Television.com  (Imposter site) (registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

USADailyInfo.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama)

USADailyPost.us (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

USADailyTime.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

USADoseNews.com (Fake news)(registered Nobby Beach, Australia)

USAFirstInformation.com (Fake news)(registered: Panama, PA)

USANews4U.us (Fake news)(registered Veles, Virgin Islands)

USANewsToday.com (Fake news)(registered Scotts, MI)

USAPoliticsNow.com (Fake news) (registered Nobby Beach, Australia)

USAPolitics24hrs.com (Fake news)(registered Nobby Beach, Australia)

USAPoliticsToday.com (Fake news) (registered Brea, CA)

USAPoliticsZone.com         (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

USASnich.com  (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

USATodayNews.me   (Imposter site) (registered: Chesterbrook, PA)

USAWorldBox.com    (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

USHealthyAdvisor.com (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

USHealthyLife.com   (Fake news) (registered: Panama, PA)

USHerald.com   (Fake news)(registered: Austin, Texas)

USInfoNews.com (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

USANewsHome.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

USPOLN.com    (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

USPostman.com (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

ViralActions.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

VoxTribune.com (Fake news)(registered: Scottsdale, AZ)

WashingtonEvening.com   (Imposter site)  (registered: Kumanovo, Macedonia)

WashingtonFeed.com (Fake news) (registered: Vancouver, Canada)

WashingtonPost.com.co (Imposter site)(registered: Washington, DC)

WeConservative.com (Fake news)(registered: Veles, Macedonia)

WeLoveNative.com    (Some fake stories) (registered: Pristina, Kosovo)

WorldNewsDailyReport.com(Parody site)(registered Nobby Beach, Australia)

WorldPoliticsNow.com(Fake news) (registered: Nassau, Bahamas)


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One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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